Darwin's Game Filler List

Updated on March 7, 2020

Darwin's Game is an ongoing anime series that started in 2020. So far 10 episodes of Darwin's Game have been aired. Darwin's Game has no reported filler.

A game which is played in real life and dangerous find out a man named kaname who got himself into this game and what lies in it

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-10

Darwin's Game Episode List

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1First GameManga Canon2020-01-03
2Gemstone MineManga Canon2020-01-10
3IgnitionManga Canon2020-01-17
4FireworksManga Canon2020-01-24
5AquariumManga Canon2020-02-07
6HardnessManga Canon2020-02-14
7EighthManga Canon2020-02-21
8FragileManga Canon2020-02-28
9Heads UpManga Canon2020-03-06
10Old OneManga Canon2020-03-13