Digimon Adventure Filler List

Updated on July 25, 2020

Digimon Adventure was an anime series that ran from 1999 to 2000. In total 69 episodes of Digimon Adventure were aired. With a total of 5 reported filler episodes, Digimon Adventure has a very low filler percentage of 7%.

On one fateful day during summer camp, a group of schoolkids are transported to a parallel world called the Digital World. There they find out that they are the Chosen Children and become partners with mysterious creatures known as Digimon and they have to save both worlds from the forces of evil.

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Quick List

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-8, 12-16, 18-24, 26-32, 34-54
Mixed Canon/Filler Episodes:17
Filler Episodes:9-11, 25, 33
Anime Canon Episodes:55, 55, 57-69

Digimon Adventure Episode List

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1And So It Begins...Manga Canon1999-03-07
2The Birth of GreymonManga Canon1999-03-14
3GarurumonManga Canon1999-03-21
4Biyomon Gets FirepowerManga Canon1999-03-28
5Lightning! KabuterimonManga Canon1999-04-04
6Togemon Angrily!Manga Canon1999-04-11
7Roar! Ikkakumon!Manga Canon1999-04-18
8Devimon: the Emissary of Darkness!Manga Canon1999-04-25
9Clash! The Freezing DigimonFiller1999-05-02
10Centarumon the ProtectorFiller1999-05-09
11The Dancing Ghosts! BakemonFiller1999-05-16
12Adventure! Patamon and MeManga Canon1999-05-23
13Angemon Wakes!Manga Canon1999-05-30
14Departure: to a New Continent!Manga Canon1999-06-06
15Etemon! The Stage Mounting of Evil!Manga Canon1999-06-13
16Dark Evolution! SkullGreymonManga Canon1999-06-20
17Cockatrimon, the Captain of Illusions!Mixed Canon/Filler1999-06-27
18The Fairy! PicklemonManga Canon1999-07-04
19Nanomon of the LabyrinthManga Canon1999-07-11
20Evolution to Perfect! MetalGreymonManga Canon1999-07-18
21Koromon, the Great Clash in Tokyo!Manga Canon1999-08-01
22The Small Devil, PicoDevimonManga Canon1999-08-08
23Oh Friend! WereGarurumonManga Canon1999-08-15
24Break Through! AtlurKabuterimonManga Canon1999-08-22
25The Sleeping Tyrant! TonosamaGekomonFiller1999-08-29
26Shining Wings! GarudamonManga Canon1999-09-05
27Vamdemon, the Castle of DarknessManga Canon1999-09-12
28The Chase! Hurry to JapanManga Canon1999-09-19
29Mammon: the Great Clash at Hikarigaoka!Manga Canon1999-09-26
30Digimon: The Great Crossing of TokyoManga Canon1999-10-03
31Raremon! Surprise Attack on Tokyo BayManga Canon1999-10-10
32Tokyo Tower is Hot! DeathMeramonManga Canon1999-10-17
33Pump and Gotsu are Shibuya-Type DigimonFiller1999-10-24
34The Bond of Destiny! TailmonManga Canon1999-10-31
35The Fairy of Odaiba! Lilymon BlossomsManga Canon1999-11-07
36Break through the Barrier! Zudomon Spark!Manga Canon1999-11-14
37Perfects Attack Together! Sparkling AngewomonManga Canon1999-11-21
38Revival! The Demon Lord VenomVamdemonManga Canon1999-11-28
39Two Great Ultimate Evolutions! Get Rid of the Darkness!Manga Canon1999-12-05
40The Four Kings of the Devilish Mountain! The Dark Masters!Manga Canon1999-12-12
41The Hardened King of the Seas! MetalSeadramonManga Canon1999-12-19
42Silent Whamon on the Bottom of the SeaManga Canon1999-12-26
43The Dangerous Game! PinocchimonManga Canon2000-01-09
44Jureimon of the Lost ForestManga Canon2000-01-16
45Clash of the Ultimates! WarGreymon vs. MetalGarurumonManga Canon2000-01-23
46The Counterattack of MetalEtemonManga Canon2000-01-30
47Oh Wind! Oh Light! SaberLeomonManga Canon2000-02-06
48Bombing Mission! MugendramonManga Canon2000-02-13
49Good-bye NumemonManga Canon2000-02-20
50The Girls' Battle! LadyDevimonManga Canon2000-02-27
51Piemon: The Clown from HellManga Canon2000-03-05
52The Holy Swordsman! HolyAngemonManga Canon2000-03-12
53The Final Dark DigimonManga Canon2000-03-19
54A New WorldManga Canon2000-03-26
55The Digiteam CompleteAnime Canon2000-04-09
55Enter FlamedramonAnime Canon2000-04-02
57A New DigitudeAnime Canon2000-04-16
58Iron VegiemonAnime Canon2000-04-23
59Old ReliableAnime Canon2000-04-30
60Family PicnicAnime Canon2000-05-07
61Guardian AngelAnime Canon2000-05-14
62Ken's SecretAnime Canon2000-05-21
63The Emperor's New HomeAnime Canon2000-05-28
64The Captive DigimonAnime Canon2000-06-04
65Storm of FriendshipAnime Canon2000-06-11
66The Good, the Bad, and the DigiAnime Canon2000-06-18
67His Master's VoiceAnime Canon2000-06-25
68The Samurai of SincerityAnime Canon2000-07-02
69Big Trouble in Little EdoAnime Canon2000-07-16

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