Fate/Apocrypha Filler List

Updated on April 22, 2019

Fate/Apocrypha was an anime series that ran from 2017 to 2017. In total 25 episodes of Fate/Apocrypha were aired. Fate/Apocrypha has no reported filler.

This marks the start of the Great Holy Grail War in Trifas, featuring two different factions, the Black Faction, and the Red Faction, whose members were sent by the Mage's Association with the exception of one from the Church. The Grail itself also summons Ruler to act as a mediator of the Holy Grail War.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-25

Fate/Apocrypha Episode List

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1Apocrypha: The Great Holy Grail WarManga Canon2017-07-02
2The Appearance of the SaintsManga Canon2017-07-09
3First Step of FateManga Canon2017-07-16
4Price of Life, Redemption of DeathManga Canon2017-07-23
5Will of HeavenManga Canon2017-07-30
6Knight of RebellionManga Canon2017-08-06
7Where Freedom LiesManga Canon2017-08-14
8The Beginning of the War Manga Canon2017-08-20
9Hundreds of Flames and Hundreds of FlowersManga Canon2017-08-27
10Scattered FlowersManga Canon2017-09-03
11Eternal RadianceManga Canon2017-09-10
12The Holy Man Returns TriumphantManga Canon2017-09-17
13The Last MasterManga Canon2017-10-01
14Prayer of SalvationManga Canon2017-10-08
15Differing PathsManga Canon2017-10-15
16Jack the RipperManga Canon2017-10-22
17TräumereiManga Canon2017-10-29
18From HellManga Canon2017-11-05
19Dawn of the EndManga Canon2017-11-11
20Soar Through the SkyManga Canon2017-11-25
21Antares SnipeManga Canon2017-12-02
22Reunion and FarewellManga Canon2017-12-09
23Going BeyondManga Canon2017-12-16
24The Holy Grail WarManga Canon2017-12-23
25ApocryphaManga Canon2017-12-30

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