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Updated on August 27, 2020

Haikyu!! is an ongoing anime series that started in 2014. So far 74 episodes of Haikyu!! have been aired. Haikyu!! has no reported filler.

Haikyu!! follows the story of Shoyo Hinata who aspires to become the best volleyball player even though he is short.

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Manga Canon Episodes:1-74

Haikyu!! Episode List

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1The End and the BeginningManga Canon2014-04-06
2Karasuno High School Volleyball ClubManga Canon2014-04-13
3The Formidable AllyManga Canon2014-04-20
4The View From the SummitManga Canon2014-04-27
5A Coward's Anxiety Manga Canon2014-05-04
6An Interesting TeamManga Canon2014-05-11
7Versus the Great KingManga Canon2014-05-18
8He Who is Called "Ace"Manga Canon2014-05-25
9A Toss for the AceManga Canon2014-06-01
10YearningManga Canon2014-06-08
11DecisionManga Canon2014-06-15
12The Neko-Karasu ReunionManga Canon2014-06-22
13RivalManga Canon2014-06-29
14Formidable OpponentsManga Canon2014-07-06
15RevivalManga Canon2014-07-13
16Winners and LosersManga Canon2014-07-20
17The Iron WallManga Canon2014-07-27
18Guarding Your BackManga Canon2014-08-03
19ConductorsManga Canon2014-08-10
20Oikawa Toru is Not a GeniusManga Canon2014-08-17
21Senpai's True AbilitiesManga Canon2014-08-24
22EvolutionManga Canon2014-08-31
23The Point that Changes the MomentumManga Canon2014-09-07
24Removing The Lonely KingManga Canon2014-09-14
25The Third DayManga Canon2014-09-21
26Let's Go To Tokyo!!Manga Canon2015-10-04
27Direct SunlightManga Canon2015-10-11
28Townsperson BManga Canon2015-10-18
29Center AceManga Canon2015-10-25
30GreedManga Canon2015-11-01
31TempoManga Canon2015-11-08
32MoonriseManga Canon2015-11-15
33Illusionary HeroManga Canon2015-11-22
34VS "Umbrella"Manga Canon2015-11-29
35CogsManga Canon2015-12-06
36AboveManga Canon2015-12-13
37Let the Games Begin!Manga Canon2015-12-20
38A Simple and Pure StrengthManga Canon2015-12-27
39Still GrowingManga Canon2016-01-10
40Place to PlayManga Canon2016-01-17
41NextManga Canon2016-01-24
42The Battle Without Will PowerManga Canon2016-01-31
43The LosersManga Canon2016-02-07
44The Iron Wall Can Be Rebuilt Again and AgainManga Canon2016-02-14
45Wiping OutManga Canon2016-02-21
46The DestroyerManga Canon2016-02-28
47The Former Coward's FightManga Canon2016-03-06
48TeamManga Canon2016-03-13
49The Absolute Limit SwitchManga Canon2016-03-20
50Declaration of WarManga Canon2016-03-27
51GreetingsManga Canon2016-10-08
52The Threat of the "Left"Manga Canon2016-10-15
53GUESS-MONSTERManga Canon2016-10-22
54The Halo Around the MoonManga Canon2016-10-29
55Individual VS NumbersManga Canon2016-11-05
56The Chemical Change of EncountersManga Canon2016-11-12
57ObsessionManga Canon2016-11-19
58An Annoying GuyManga Canon2016-11-26
59The Volleyball IdiotsManga Canon2016-12-03
60The Battle of ConceptsManga Canon2016-12-10
61IntroductionsManga Canon2020-01-10
62LostManga Canon2020-01-17
63PerspectiveManga Canon2020-01-24
64Taking it EasyManga Canon2020-01-31
65HungerManga Canon2020-02-07
66EnhancementsManga Canon2020-02-14
67ReturnManga Canon2020-02-21
68ChallengerManga Canon2020-02-28
69Everyone's NightManga Canon2020-03-06
70Battle LinesManga Canon2020-03-13
71A Chance to Extend the RallyManga Canon2020-03-20
72VividManga Canon2020-03-27
73Day TwoManga Canon2020-04-03
74ChallengersManga Canon2020-10-02

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